(Deuteronomy 1:6) The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount

Changing levels is God’s intention for His children because God hates stagnation. He can allow you to go around in circles so that you can learn lessons, gain experience that will take you higher in future. If you lack progress, people will despise you. Change of level means arrival to desired expectation regardless of current achievement. It is the progressive realization of God’s will in phases and stages. It means despising the good for the better and disregarding the better for the best. The anticipation of opportunity not withstanding temporal accomplishment.

Power is the essentialism of spiritualism manifesting on the homosapiens. It is the super imposition of strange influence to change the condition, location and a situation. Power is the extra in the ordinary, the super in the natural, bringing out intention, expectation and visions in an individual. It is the expression of immortality, infinity, divinity, and spiritualism on time, space and matter. Power is the immunity given to a believer against the polio of shame. Power is precipitating divine involvement in natural matters.

How can a believer change his/her level? There are two ways to achieve change of levels: By Prophecy and by Red Eyes. You can receive your prophecy from the Word of God and your man of God for a change of level. Red eyes means: Restlessness for a desired rest. Relentless effort in the pursuit of progress. Self imposed pressure for an expected manifestation. Divine encroachment for the purpose of opportunity and prosperity. As you develop red eyes, ensure you have divine backing. Divine backing means, having principle based scriptures to back you up. It is Heaven insurance against unpredictable human risk.

Child of God, every change of level requires power. Information without power makes you liability in your generation. It is an error to be in the presence of God and be powerless. I destroy every evil force that will not allow you change level this year in Jesus name!

Meditation: Waiting time is a time to stay in the will of God, trusting that at His own time He will make all things beautiful in your life.

RM: Power to Change Levels DBR: Joshua 1-2

Prayer: My Father, My Father, I need a word for my change of levels. Lord change my level now in Jesus name.

Courtesy: Rev Joshua Talena’s Facebook Page

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