Was running out of funds.
Omo lockdown is very expensive o!

I am the kind of person that everybody assumes doesn’t need anything hence I am expected to always give and people hardly give to me

I guess the assumption is I have a direct line to heaven so Angels will always do cash drops (LOL)

Anyways since that seems to be the general belief, God decided not to disappoint people by sending an Angel to actually do a cash drop.
This God ehnnnn!

I was running out of money and was wondering where money was going to come from next. While I am a “full time minister”, I do have a side business doing some online stuff like buying and selling domains. But business has been very slow because of the pandemic.

God gave me a Word, BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. So I stopped bothering myself.


A former client who had become a friend reached out to me recently.

I haven’t heard from him in years.
I woke up last week to check one of my old emails that I hardly check.

I just had a prompting within I could not shake that something important was in that email account.

Scrolling through I discovered the man reached out 10 days before that day and asked if he could help with some cash during this lockdown period.

You need to get this right, I haven’t heard from the guy in years.

He said he saw an article about Nigeria and how COVID-19 has brought things to a standstill and felt he should reach out and try to help out in any little way he could.

And you know this is the kind of season where little is a big deal.

So the guy tried to TRACK ME DOWN TO OFFER HELP.

Definitely God at Work!

Replied the email and the guy sent me some cash.

Another friend in the UK made sure I got the money that same day by making a huge sacrifice. (Don’t let me “elongate” the story)

Thank God for Angels in Friends’ Disguise


The real testimony is that before the need arose, God had already dealt with the issue.

10 days before I would start running out of cash Jehovah had provided but I did not know.

There are certain things God has already provided for you that you are clueless about, May God open your eyes to see the provision in Jesus Name.

If only we would all learn to trust God. HE ALWAYS TAKES CARE OF HIS OWN.


Looking at what you don’t have vs the pandemic and lockdown?

Do not despair!

The Blessing of God cannot be locked down.
The Blessing of God will track you down.

The Blessings of God will track you down during this lockdown in Jesus Name.

PS: As if God is trying to show that this is no fluke….

Got another message this morning.

The same guy is offering to help again.
This God ehnnnn, I bow!!!

NOTE: Don’t ask me for your share o.

Go meet Your Father. He has your case sorted out already! Trust Him.

He will guide you to your LOCKDOWN ALLOWANCE


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