Evangelist Dr and Mrs Olumide and Toyin Fatunsin celebrates with Mike Bamiloye as he clocks 60


Here’s the man who defied all odds to take a stand for his vision.

Here’s the prophet wearing the garment of a drama minister.

Here’s the Pastor preaching the undiluted word of God through drama & Film.

Here’s the global evangelist winning souls through drama/film evangelism.

Here’s a mentor who has thoroughly been tutored by Master Jesus.

Here’s the leader leading others with the fear of God.

Here’s a lover who loves his family deeply and truly.

Here’s a giver who has sacrificed and still sacrificing his all.

Here’s the humble man whose garment resembles that of his true followers.

Here’s the man who has replicated heaven-minded drama ministries.

Here’s a man whose biological children have proven that it’s possible to raise godly children by God’s grace.

Here’s a man whose beautiful wife testified that God still gives the best to his children.

Here’s a man whose knowledge of the scripture will make you desire more of God


Daddy, my wife and I have been following God in your life and have never regretted following your steps as you follow Christ Jesus. May God continue to keep you in his righteousness in Jesus name.

Daddy, as you reach this milestone of 60 years, according to Isaiah 60:1, I pray the Almighty God will cause you to arise and shine forever for the glory of God has risen upon you.

According to Psalms 60:12, Daddy, you shall continue to do valiantly through God in life and ministry in Jesus name. God will continue to give you victory over your enemies in Jesus name.

He is our daddy and father in the Lord, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye.

Happy birthday Daddy Mike Bamiloye!

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