EPISODE 4: Gospel Milk with Awe Hilary – GENESIS 4


The book of Genesis 4 gives us an introspection into the the family of Adam and Eve after they were evicted from the garden of Eden by God.

According to God’s declaration of fruitfulness upon them in the book of Genesis 1:28, they bore two sons named Cain and Abel. The former (Cain) was a farmer (Genesis 4:2), and the later (Abel) was a keeper of sheeps (Genesis 4:2).

Key notes:

1. God’s words are effective

2. Sin affects our relationship with God.

3. Sin is a precipe for the expression of unholy acts.

4. Sin has no benefits and its filled with regrets.

The book of Genesis 4 gives us an insight into God’s requirement for worshippers who seek to come into His presence. His interest is not in the fatness of your offerings, or how well you decorate it, but the state of the worshipper.

An opportunity was presented for Cain and Abel to worship God by presenting their offerings to Him, He accepted one and rejected the other.

Why did God reject the offering of cain?

Cain and Abel both presented to God the products of their labour, but the bible said in the book of Genesis 4:4-5;

“….And the Lord respected Abel and his offering, but He did not respect Cain and his offering…”.

If we take particular note on the sequence of events, we will discover that God had respect for Abel before his offering, and displeasure for Cain before his offering. This is to say that the worth of your offering or your worship, is determinant on your state. Sin contamintes our worship, and takes away the dignity of our service.

The bible tells us that cain was angry and his countenance fell, and the Lord asked him, why are you angry? And why is your countenance fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door.

God’s response to Cain, gives us an insight into the nature of Cain, and this was further proven when he killed his brother Abel. Sin is like a virus, when allowed to dwell, it starts to mutate those features that makes us godly, thereby producing a version of us that is not of God, but fully influenced by the devil.

….When sin lies at the door, it becomes a gateway of expression which leads to unholy acts like, murder, stealing, fornication, adultery, corruption,etc.

….Why should we kick Sin out of the door with respect to Genesis 4

1. Sin takes away our dignity and renders our service futile before God. (Genesis 4:4-5).

2. Sin causes our hearts to be hardened before God, thereby placing us at a disadvantaged position. (Genesis 4:9-11).

3. Sin leads to endless toil, making people fugitives and vagabonds. (Genesis 4:12).

4. Sin drives us away from God’s presence, thereby making us to accept a nature that isn’t ours (Genesis 4:14).

From the lessons learnt from Genesis 4, let us strive through the grace of God and the power of His might, to kick sin out of our doors and invite Jesus Christ into our lives.

God bless you.

#TheMessenger #GospelMilkWithAweHilary #2020

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