Many of us, even Christians won’t know when we become spokespersons for the Antichrist in the name of righteous indignation – Pst. Tope Popoola

Church this, church that. Many of us, even Christians won’t know when we become spokespersons for the Antichrist in the name of righteous indignation.

There are more churches that observed the government’s orders on COVID-19 than those who didn’t! And if you are zeroing on “big” churches as not showing good example, RCCG, the largest church community in Nigeria did, THE CITADEL GLOBAL COMMUNITY CHURCH pastored by Pst. Tunde Bakare did. Poju Oyemade’s Church did. Christ Embassy pastored by Chris Oyakhilome did. So did Daystar pastored by Sam Adeyemi. And so did SEVERAL others. So stop lampooning the collective because of the dysfunction of a few misguided ones. Call them out and stop the bellyaching about pastors and the church. If you have personal issues with a particular church or pastor, deal with your personal offence.
If all you see are the tares and never the wheat, your zeal will uproot both even before the harvest! It’s Christ’s church. He is the builder. The people who went to those churches who breached the order exercised their power of CHOICE. None of them was coerced. It was also their responsibility to STAY AWAY! Ignorantly or foolishly, they didn’t! Or are those ones no longer “church”? People gathered in mosques against the directive too, remember? (In fact, one Islamic cleric foolishly said that Muslims cannot have COVID 19 once they have done ablution!!!) And those political rallies, who gathered there? The celebration party stopped by Lagos state government on Saturday, was it a church service? An events centre close to where I live hosted a big party on Saturday. Was that a church? I understand Davido had THREE back-to-back shows in Ibadan on Saturday. Did a pastor preach there? Or is it church music that spreads the virus?
Yet, all your “beef” is against church. Kilode gan?

Temper your tantrums. Those are needless now. The church of Christ isn’t your enemy. It’s HIS CHURCH and HE will build it, remember? Or have you lost confidence in HIS CAPACITY to do so? What we require now is collective effort to deal with this scourge which, as the Lord lives, will pass away SOON! So, continue to educate people on the virus and how to stay safe. Go to the markets, the motor parks, other places where people gather. Take some policemen on Friday and Sunday and move round your neighbourhood to disperse gatherings that don’t conform to the directives

A few churches breaching the order doesn’t make every church become your whipping boy. Name and shame the ones you know who didn’t and for God’s sake commend those who did!

A penchant for negativity won’t get us out of this vortex of hell-induced panic and fear consequent on this global pandemic. If you are indeed a Christian, spend your time and energy to pray that this plague will be stayed. Stay indoors and intercede. Your being bitter doesn’t make our situation better. The wrath of man has NEVER worked the righteousness of God!
As the Lord lives, we will beat Corona. We beat SARS. We beat EBOLA. We beat Mad Cow Disease. We beat the Bubonic plague. We beat Lassa. That is the capacity of divinity at work in humanity.

2 thoughts on “Many of us, even Christians won’t know when we become spokespersons for the Antichrist in the name of righteous indignation – Pst. Tope Popoola

  1. Yes sir! This too shall pass, IJN. For now we should stay safe. Obey constituted authority. If u have been directed to stay at home, pls do so if u work permits u to be in d office, go with prayers, follow all d rules to stay safe. Do not fear for God has not given us d spirit of fear , rather be bold n keep declaring, “I am exempted by d blood of Jesus, for I bear in my body d mark of JESUS”. The BLOOD OF JESUS will save us, IJN.

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