EPISODE 2: Gospel Milk with Awe Hilary – GENESIS 2

Previously on GOSPEL MILK EPISODE 1, I explained the book of Genesis Chapter 1, and various key points and lessons to learn from the Creation of the world by God.

In this episode, we would be looking at the book of Genesis Chapter 2 and various possible lessons that could be learnt from this scripture.

The book of Genesis Chapter 2 highlights the end of the six days creation by God, and the consecration of the seventh day because it was a day of rest for Him. Also this chapter re- echoes the creation of the first man and subsequent creation of the woman which signified the first marriage.


1. God emphasizes the need to rest >>> Genesis 2:2

2. God created man from the dust and made him a living being through the breath of life >>> Genesis 2:7

3. God gave the man He created a Job, making him responsible for taking care of the garden >>> Genesis 2:15

4. God tests man’s obedience by giving him an instruction of what to eat and what not to >>> Genesis 2:15

5. God creates a helper for Adam >>>Genesis 2:21-22

6. The first marriage was instituted >>>Genesis 2:24

From the above key points, it is important to note that before Adam had a wife or a helper, he knew God first, and subsequently his wife also knew God. Genesis chapter 2 emphasizes a relationship with God before and during marriage. A relationship with God is one of the things that qualifies you for marriage, and sustains you in it, because marriage is God’s organisation. It is however the collective responsibility of intending couples and married people to seek God, because without Him, we are not qualified to partake of the institution of marriage.

God follows processes and expects us to abide by them, so that we can achieve thesame results as Him. God did not create a helper for Adam, without first giving him a job or responsibility. However for men who intend to marry, it is however imperative that you must first have a relationship with God, and also like Adam, have a Job. As a man you must be responsible for something, otherwise your value system will be zero.

God gave Adam a job to tend the garden, that is taking care of whatever that was in the garden. By so doing God was also preparing him to also take care of a woman who was also to be located in the garden. If Adam could take care of the garden, then it means he was matured enough to take care of a woman. Love is responsibility and responsibility is love.

Finally, God emphasizes the need to rest after working. If God could rest, what stops you from resting? We must learn to take out time to rest from our busy schedules, and while we rest, we must remember to sanctify ourselves and rest in God, as He sanctified the day of His rest.

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