Fear not – Toyin Fatunsin

Spread FAITH not fear, we are not living in denial but we CHOOSE to TRUST in the Lord. It’s strange how one is suddenly remembered when there is a pandemic. That’s is not Christ love, check the motives of your heart. Some will never greet you when all is well it is when they hear “some” news that they will suddenly remember you….May God have mercy.

About two weeks ago while hosting the weekly WOMEN IN MINISTRY online program, I have cough and catarrh as I was expose to the cold weather some days earlier and because the season is about to change (We experience 4 seasons in my country of residence) flu and the rest are common but I knew I caught cold as I took off my jacket outside in the night. Immediately after the program a lady one of the viewers sent a video of CORONA VIRUS to my inbox…I was shocked. I did the needful immediately…the heart of man is desperately wicked so because I coughed….every cough is not CORONA VIRUS, don’t allow the devil to use fear to suppress and torment you. The cold and cough has since been treated.

I have noticed that it is supposed believers that spread fear when there is an outbreak, please do not send me any video. I am aware of what is going on around, we are praying and taking precautions. The word of God is there as our guide. Let’s pray and stop spreading fear as we also take precautions. God will intervene all over the world in Jesus name.

We are covered by the blood of Jesus.

The Lord shall deliver us from the noisome pestilence Psalm 91:1-8.

Toyin Fatunsin.

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