TIME IS RUNNING OUT! – Prophet Isa El-Buba Sadiq


A Message To Nigerians

by Prophet Isa El-Buba Sadiq

Precious Nigerians, I know that we are living in a very critical time. I am Prophet Isa El-Buba and I’m speaking with a very strong conviction in my spirit.
Several months ago, I’d warned the Nigerian public and I have also warned this government to put its house in order, but it is amazing to be able to see how things are degenerating.
The number of lives we are losing every day is so alarming and we must come to face the reality that at this particular point I have encouraged us, Nigerians, to be able to take certain measures ourselves, to be able to protect our community and protect our households.

There are a gang of wicked men and women in high places who have vowed that they must run this country down and at this particular point I believe that we, the people, are stronger than the forces of evil. The God that we serve is a God of Light, He is a God of Truth and He is a God of Justice.
I have seen the events unfolding themselves. The presidency knows what is going on, knows the activities of the boko haram and what can be done. I saw the recent clashes between the National Security Adviser (Mr) Monguno who was expressing his heart and also (Mr) Kyari the Chief of Staff to the President. The fact is that there are a group of people who have chosen to go on the path of not helping things out in this nation. What (Mr) Monguno was saying is the truth and we from Borno know what is going on; the level of killing is disheartening to me as a person – losing 30, 40, 20 people everyday especially in the North. We, in the North must wake up to the reality that we cannot continue to sit on the seat of deceit.
We have deceived ourselves for too long, all the regions in this country are moving forward but we are moving right backward.

The recent dethronement of the Emir of Kano: I don’t think at this particular junction, it is needed. This is the particular time that this nation should be able to sit together with the Traditional rulers, to be able to see how we can secure our nation.
I have warned Sanusi several years ago when he did certain things when he was the Governor of CBN, but the fact is that, I want to say this, even though I was critical of certain things he did and I confronted him on it, today.

At this particular time, this is one person in Northern Nigeria that has spoken truth to the Northern Elites. This is the time you the Northern Elite should be able to wake up from your sleep and do the things that are right.

What Sanusi said is the truth and I am surprised to see the pen rubber called ‘Ganduje” for you to act what you did. I can tell you that the seed planted will surely break forth and you will see the consequences of your actions, but I want to say to us the fact is that: the North is going down everyday.

The worst place that one can ever live even as a Christian is the Northern Nigeria. Why should it be so, why should we be having our people being killed just like goats and chickens just because of a certain group of people who chose to live on the seat of deceit. Our traditional rulers today are silent because they can’t speak the truth. You just want to have traditional rulers, you have a set of people who just go along with wickedness and keep silent. If a man speaks the truth, you go after his life.

Look at the Vice President of Nigeria. The president of Nigeria today has one of the most active person that is working with him. But today this wicked people in high places have clip his wings because they feel threatened on his performance.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is a gift to the President Buhari, but Buhari you have decided to allow deception and falsehood to rule your government it is unfortunate that we are where we are today.

Now, my word to you Nigerians is we must do three things together:

1. We must pray and keep praying to the Almighty God who neither sleep nor slumbers. We know that God does not operate with the timing of man he operates in his own timing. We believe God to act on behalf of the innocent Nigerians.

2. We must be proactive in taking a position in helping out To see that this country is safe.

3. I want to encourage us at this particular time, for us to place our petition against this evil corrupt government and state our position and our pain that this nation is sinking and we can not continue to be going the way we are going.

It is painful, it is unfortunate that we see the things that are going on right before out eyes.

Are we living in a nation where righteousness and righteous men can not stand for the truth?

Are we living in a Nation where when you stand for the state of security of the Nation, you’ve gone out for the people and the people go after you?

I want to encourage us, Nigerians in diaspora, Nigerians within, not every Nigerian, today you cannot travel by road. The roads have been besieged by the kidnappers and Fulani Killer Herdsmen, everyday lives have been lost, just check the last few days, we have lost over one hundred people.

Nigerians must be safe, I stand on the path of truth, the President must wake up to the reality and we are praying that God will intervene, but please I’m asking that you do what is right.

I appreciate the activities of the Governor of Borno State, Zulum and I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing.

I want to encourage few governors who are standing on the path of justice and righteousness for the defence of our people. But I want to say this, Northern Nigeria, God will judge you, the elite who are joining hands to put this Nation in bondage.

Arise, Nigerians and let us join hands together and rally together as a people, we have a future. Nigeria will be great and Nigeria will be safe.

I stand on the path of righteousness, life is one, one day I will be over, but within my lifetime, this country must fulfill its assignment. I pray with the grace of God as we all mobilize ourselves and share this message to every Nigerian to know that Nigeria must be safe from the hands of this evil, wicked leadership and government in Nigeria.

Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria must be safe and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Nigeria must be delivered from the hands of these evil people, in Jesus name.

Prophet Isa El-Buba

Courtesy: Church Gist

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