EPISODE 1: Gospel Milk with Awe Hilary – GENESIS 1

Genesis Chapter 1, talks about the creative power of God with respect to the creation of Heaven and Earth. In this Chapter more emphasis is laid on the power of spoken words. If God could speak things into existence, it also means we have such creative abilities, and should be careful with what we say, because we might be creating something unpleasant.

The essence of Genesis 1, is to re-echoe to us that all existence came from God, and to rebuff the idea of self evolution of the world, or no existence of a Godly being at the inception of creation.

The book of Genesis 1 talks about the six days of creation by God, from making light and separating it from darkeness, to conceiving and implementing the idea of creating man.


1. There was no existence without God >>> Genesis 1:1

2. Everything created by God, was created with a purpose, and the purpose defines or determines the functionality of what was created. For example,the light in the firmament of the heavens was created for the purpose of dividing day from night, for signs, seasons,days and years >>> Genesis 1:14.

3. Everything created by God at the beginning was good and without pollution >>>Genesis 1:4,10,12,18,25,31.

4. The Holy Trinity was present before, during and after the creation. This is to say that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were present. This accounts for the words like “Let us make”. The word “us” is an identifier of the presence of the Holy Trinity >>> Genesis 1:26

5. Man was created differently from other animals. Man was the only creature that bears the image and Likeness of God. The word “image” as used in this context, refers to having a form of God, and “Likeness” means having similar characteristics of God. For example. God is tripartite in nature, but still one, man also is tripartite in nature and still one. Man is made up of the body, soul and spirit, but still one man. My name is Awe Hilary – I have a body, soul and spirit, but I am still Awe Hilary. You cannot find three or more Awe Hillary’s in me, I remain one but have three component features as God >>> Genesis 1:26,27.

6. God created Man and woman. God was very specific in His creations, hence everything was well spelt out in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible does not give room for any form of ambiguity especially with the distinction of male and female. A male and female are two opposite sexes, which were created by God for the sole aims of companionship, relationship, multiplication, dominion (note: they are not placed in the other of importance)

Companionship >>>Being together

Relationship >>>Having reverence for God (worship, praise and obedience). Having intimacy with each other (sex) under the umbrella of marriage.

Multiplication >>> producing their own kinds through sexual intercourse (under the umbrella of marriage), and giving birth through the process of conception and delivery.

Dominion >>>> Exercising authority through responsibility

The concept of sex outside the umbrella of marriage is ungodly, so also is the concept of homosexuality, beastiality, or gender transformation. Also, the concept of Man’s evolution outside God is false, so also is the concept of self evolution of the heaven and earth, because there was no existence outside God.

As a matter of fact, we should trust God’s words because they are true, and represents the absolute realities of the various creation’s by God, and His creative abilities.

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