There is a popular saying which goes thus, “Behind every successful man is a woman”. Moreover, some people have tried to modify it as saying thus, “Beside every successful man is a woman”. However, whatever way you view the aforementioned statements, one fact is sure, that team work is a prerequisite for a successful marriage.

Alot has been said about Adam and Eve, and if both were still alive, they would have been labelled “public enemies”. This is because everyone tends to blame them for messing up our relationship with God, and making us a receptor of a death penalty through their act of disobedience.

We are however very grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ, who took the form of man and became the second Adam inorder to correct the wrongs of the first Adam, by shedding His blood for the remission of our sins, and giving us access to the eternal life that was once lost.

There are many bible scholars who attribute the fall of man to disobedience, but fail to adress the root causes that lead to the act, hence causing many couples to re-enact what played out in the garden of Eden in their various homes.

First of all, it has been established in the Book of Genesis 2:23-25, that Adam and Eve were married, and that God was involved in it. What a glorious marriage, but what really went wrong that they disobeyed God?



In a home, God can give a command or an instruction to either the man or woman depending on the situation. If the instruction is given to the man, it is the duty of the wife to support her husband in ensuring that the instruction is carried out to the letter, vice versa.

The Holy Bible in the book of Genesis 2:16, makes us to understand that the command of eating from every tree in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, was given to Adam before the creation of Eve.

“And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shall surely die” – Genesis 2:16-17 (KJV).

When God gives an instruction or command, it is the responsibility of that person to protect the integrity of that instruction, and ensure its effective implementation.

Adam received the instruction from God, and he passed on the message to his wife (Eve), and as a help meet, it was her duty to support her husband in ensuring that he does not fail.

As a woman, it is your responsibility to provide support for your husband in carrying out his assignment from God, by making sure he does not dissapoint God, vice versa. I was recently watching a video by Rev Funke Felix Adejumo titled, Dont fight with your Zachariah, where she stated that women should not fight the call of God on their husbands life, because when they do so, their skirts will be torn, which is to say that, they will encounter shame and disgrace. That will not be our portion in Jesus name, amen.

In the case of Eve, she fought the destiny of her husband, Adam, by destroying her support for God’s instruction over his life, through the compromise of accepting and subsequently eating the forbidden fruit.


The assignment of God for a family, is for family members and not strangers, because in that assignment is the lifeline of that family. When you discuss God’s instruction for your family with a stranger, when He did not expressly state thus, you might be exposing your home to a serpent like Eve.

The instruction by God to Adam with respect to what he and his wife should eat and not eat, was for them alone, and not a third party. God did not ask Adam and Eve to call a meeting with all the animals in the garden, so as to discuss the modality or implementation of the command.

The instruction of God for a family, is the lifeline of that family, hence it should be a classified information, unless God states otherwise.

However, Eve took the decision of divulging a top secret to a stranger without consulting with her husband first, hence she opened the door of her home to attack.


God knew fully well that Adam has a need for Eve, inorder to complement all that he does, hence the creation of Eve for Adam was never a mistake.

One of the primary essence of marriage, is for couples to develop the habit of making decisions together, with the aim of reaching an agreement of a workable plan that is in line with God’s purpose. When couples take decisions together, the failure rate of such decisions are very minimal, because it provides the couples with an atmosphere to analyse the situation, and weigh their options according to God’s plan and purpose. In doing so, couples remain in tune with God’s instruction, which they use as a basis for decision making.

Let us imagine a scenario, where Eve brought the suggestion of the serpent to her husband, with the aim of making an informed decision. This would have helped the couples to weigh their decision with the instruction of God, and the consequence of disobedience would have been re-echoed (” …..for in the day that you eat of it, you shall surely die” ) in such a meeting, hence the issue of disobedience wouldn’t have arisen.

It is however imperative for couples to engage each other in the process of decision making, by weighing their delibrations with the instruction of God, to prevent costly mistakes that might derail the plan and purpose of God for their lives.


Have you ever noticed that the devil seeks the weaker vessel in a home, inorder to gain access for an attack? In this case, the term “weaker vessel” is relative, and has no bearing with masculinity or feminism, but with the spiritual status of each partner. A man can be the weaker vessel in a home, because of his spiritual status, hence he becomes the link for satans access into the home, vice versa.

It is however imperative for couples to scan each other to determine their stand with God at all times, in a bit to discover early and take appropriate actions, if the devil has overpowered a partner, and crept into the home.

Where you surprised when Job’s wife asked him to curse God?

Job was a righteousness man, certainly he did not marry an infidel who did not know the enormity of cursing God, but she spoke out of the devil’s influence. However, unlike Adam, Job did not concede to defeat by taking his wife counsel, because he knew something was off with such counsel.

However, in the case of Adam, he was not vigilant enough to note, that the offer placed at him by his wife to eat the apple, was a ploy by satan to derail his destiny and that of his home.

In marriage, we should not be too casual to assume that our partners cannot be used by the devil to attack us or our homes. However, we should learn to question suggestions, and weigh it with the word of God, inorder to ascertain authenticity, whether it be from God or the devil, but while doing such, we must do it in a manner that portrays love. This helps to provide an airtight defence to the infiltration of the devil and his agents in a home.

In conclusion, Adam and Eve did not work together as couples, especially in engaging each other in a decision making process, hence they became vulnerable and subsequently fell to the antics of the devil.

It is however important for couples to work as a team, engaging and subjecting themselves to the process of decision making, because in so doing, we continually create a healthy relationship that provides a high level security against the deception of the devil to derail our homes.

God bless you all.

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