A whole nation couldn’t stop Isaac. Listen to me, once you are in the plan of God, no individual, no government, no nation can stop you. Is somebody with me? Are you with me? Nobody can stop you.

You know why? The church is moving forward, there’s no devil that can stop the church. I will build my church, the gate of hell shall not prevail. Praise God! Don’t be afraid. No one can trouble Christianity in this nation, are you hearing me at all? No one can trouble Christianity in this nation. Christianity of 20 years ago is not the same Christianity in Nigeria today.

Nobody, Hear this very well , nobody nobody, nobody. No matter how many of them are conjured together. Haha Nobody can stop the advancement of God in Nigeria. No, It’s a done deal, it is too late. Tell them anywhere they are gathering today, it’s too late. They cannot stop the Church. They cannot stop the church. The Church has come to maturity.

It is the Church of Elijah, when fire was hot, upon the head of anyone who stands on the way of the church. Watch it, watch it. Elijah stood and said, if I be a man of God, let fire come down and consume them. That is the days in which we are as a church. The Church of Jesus in Nigeria can never be molested, can never be intimated, can never be harassed and can never be stopped. Not when people like you, Holy Ghost filled believers are here, when most people like you with fire of the Holy Ghost spitting out of your mouth is here.

Therefore be strong, be courageous, stand strong, stand strong in the faith. Don’t be shaken by what you hear. Give my God a big hand somebody.
Nobody will change the curriculum of Christianity being involved in the education program of this country. Nobody, if he carries fire on his head. Nobody, nobody, nobody. Watch it, the Church is moving forward.
And because you’re a part of the Church moving forward, your destiny will move forward. Amen!
Your life will move forward. Amen!

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