For many years now I have learned to live the fasting lifestyle, though what I mean by fasting lifestyle may not fit into what you believe or what you are made to believe. By fasting lifestyle, I mean I take my breakfast serious (usually before 10am) and do good lunch (usually between 2pm to 4pm) but abstain from dinner except with occasional little fruit, only if and when readily available. More often than not, I go to bed slightly hungry. I embraced this lifestyle after I came to the conclusion that this is the right thing to do not only because of my studies and insight gained from my medical check-up which I do every year and my engagements with specialist cardiologists and dieticians, but my study of the subject of fasting in the Bible.

From then, I stop all forms of traditional fasting of 6am to 6pm and embrace a lifestyle of 6pm to 6am fasting except on Sundays, when I usually skip my breakfast and take my first meal after church service (between 2pm to 4pm) and do light dinner, I must have kept to my rule for nothing less than 300 out of the 360 days of each year for the past 5 to 6 years. The result for me was a very healthy body and mind, more productivity during the day, more strength to meditate and pray at night. I am not only an active Pastor, I also lead thriving businesses. I also embraced a lifestyle of exercising regularly like 2 to 3 times a week. With this lifestyle and now in my early 50s, I have kept my Blood pressure and heartbeat numbers between normal and optimal. My Blood pressure ranges from (100-130)/(60-80), normal is 120/80. My regular heartbeat number ranges from (60-80), normal is 60 to 100. I take my numbers regularly because I have the arm device at home but I lately acquire a wrist devise that can take my numbers every hour and store it for reference, even when asleep.

Back to what happen yesterday: I had a very busy day and due to some logistics issues, I could not spare anytime for lunch. Apart from the light morning breakfast, there was no time for anything like food until around 8pm. So I decided to break my rule because I was really famished. I decided to settle for pounded yam and edikaikong soup at a top restaurant at Ikeja around 9pm and had my full. I consoled myself that I will relax at home and not go to bed on time so it can digest. I eventually slept off before 11pm after shower.

I woke up around 7.30am this morning and eventually checked my device around 8.30am I saw the hourly numbers that my devise took when I was asleep, the BP ranged from 131 to 164 for systolic instead of normal of 120 and my diastolic ranged from 72 to 96 instead of normal of 80. The heartbeat also ranged from 78 to 112 instead of normal of 60 to 100 and my regulars of 60 to 80. When I saw the numbers I told myself; so this is what late night heavy meals do to people that do it. This is how religion damages the heart of some people, even Pastors. Many are just commanded by their Pastors to fast 6am to 6pm without considering nature of their job and health implications. Most of the time, those Pastors that issue the command are full time ministry people who are in control of their time. The folks mostly end up eating heavy meal at night because they have to still fast next day with no time to spend in fellowship with the Lord, which is the real object of correct fasting. Unfortunately, heart problems are silent killers that build up in the body and killed its victim without notice or at very short notice.