On 1st of February, 2020 during the Ministers and Leadership Conference/Prophetic Marathon Fasting and Prayer, God’s Oracle located a man of God from Kwale Delta State Nigeria during prophecy moment.

The man of God from Kwale has been frustrated and depressed due to the fact that his church for about three years isn’t growing, having financial set back and cant even pay his house rent which is #9,000.00 (Nine thousand naria) per month giving the total sum of #108,000.00 (One hundred and Eighty thousand naira).

He has been driving motorcycle taxi (Okada) to be able to run the church and pay his house rent but nothing was forth coming.
During the service God used the man of God (Bro. Joshua Iginla) to pray for him and he also gave him a cash gift of #300,000.00 (Three hundred thousand naira) was given to him.

God’s Oracle also gave a word of advice to Christians who has touched money and still complain about God not doing anything in their life using the pastor as an example for us to serve God even when we have nothing.

Courtesy: Joshua Iginla Ministries Facebook Page

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