The God of my father Bishop David Oyedepo rescued me from Kidnappers today.
This faithful God never fails.
I was on my way to work at 5am this morning and the vehicle I boarded to work were all filled with kidnappers.
I was told to surrender all my belongings which I did. I received several hit to my eye and head.

After all manner of questions I told them I am currently on a 21 days prayer and fasting and I’m the son of my prophet Bishop David Oyedepo and fear gripped them.

They said they dont want issues with my father.
All my phones, money, ATM cards were returned. They said we are sorry for picking you up and that was how I was released after one hour in their custody.
I must say this has boosted my love and faith in God.
My eyes is full of tears of Joy.
If you are not serving God please do because you never can tell when your storm will show up.. Indeed I am breaking limits.
To God alone be all the glory.

Courtesy: Gabriel Ndem