(Genesis 2:15) And the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

Upon the creation of man, God put him in the garden to dress and keep the garden and name all the animals. God could just have left man and be providing his needs for him after all He spoke the world and all that is in it to existence. But we see as recorded in Genesis2:15 that God gave man a duty to perform. In Genesis 2:18 after giving man his duties, God saw the need for a help meet for the man. Accordingly, God in Genesis2:22 made the help meet whose duty is to meet the needs of the man and not a helpmate as is widely mistaken by many. This shows clearly that it is never God’s intention for anyone to be idle. God Himself was not idle, He worked and rested on the 7th day although He is still working.

Every successful man either as recorded in the bible (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob even Paul the Apostle etc.) or in our world today (Bishop Oyedepo, Rev Dr Joshua Talena, Bill Gates, Dangote etc.) all have something doing which God is blessing hence we see the evidence. Adam never moved about in the garden begging the animals or plants to make a living, he toiled. So tell me where did you inherit laziness from? Come to think of it if unbelievers are working and they are prospering then you can imagine the level of prosperity that awaits the believer who is not lazy but hardworking. If as a toddler you were been catered for then it is an error as an adult to want to behave like a toddler, get up go and do something for a living.

My dear, it is charismatic affliction that will lead to frustration and depression, when you seat back doing nothing without putting your prayers and prophecy to work. The year is still very young. God have promise to bless the work of our hands. Therefore, if you do not have a plan to get something doing, then I command you to start now so that God will see something to bless in your hand so you will become a blessing in God’s kingdom.

Meditation: No food for lazy man

RM: Finishing Well DBR: Genesis 41-42

Prayer: Lord I believe your word, as I go out today to earn a living bless the work of my hand in Jesus Christ name. Amen.