Life is lived in cycles. As long as the earth remaineth there will be two cycles in time.
Gen 8:22. “Seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night”

When you are in the night season, don’t panic. It is a phase. You will move to the next and the new day will dawn. However the night has it’s rules of engagement.

1. Don’t err in speech. Do not start talking on what is going on in your environment or situation. Don’t get mad, angry or bitter.

If you are experiencing unusual confinement, it means you didn’t utilize the opportunities of the last season.

Stop the murmuring and complaining; take ownership of your errors and by confession of the Word of God via the vehicle of the Blood of Jesus, receive power and cause mercy to intervene in the situation/season.

Don’t die in the night season through wrong utterances, which are referred to as ”Self imposed curses.” ~ {Psalm 50:12-15,23;Psalm 17:3}

2. Sing songs unto God. In scriptures there is songs of day time and there are songs of the night.

Prayer will not work without a song preceding the prayers. Sing songs that acknowledge the Faithfulness of God~ {Job 35:9-10; Psalms 42:8-11}. When you get into real worship you’ll hear songs that teach you about God.

3. Pray about the fulfillment of the things in your heart. After spending time in prayer, open your bible and read scriptures, light will start dawning in your heart about the things in your heart via Revelations from the Word of God you feed on. {2 Peter 1:19}.

4. Plow during the night season. Sow seeds during winter. What you’ll reap in your next day time, you must have planted them in your night time.

Seeds are the words you declare & speak in that season. {Proverbs 20:4; Psalm 30:5; 126:5-6}. When you enter into night season, speak powerful words.

When in the place of pain, darkness and sorrow, speak light, say there is lifting up, there is joy unspeakable full of glory. Plant your dream when in captivity and confinement.

5. Enter into stillness, concerning the next breakthrough, so that you can see God show up. Don’t try and influence the situation by arm of flesh. Honor the Lord with stillness, let the seed planted spring forth effortlessly. {Mark 4:27-28; Isaiah 30:13-18}

Let God work, don’t try and use human understanding to interfere with the process of the Spirit to organize the earth to yield its increase unto you.

6. Be a helpful person, be open. Have a disposition to giving. Don’t become a victim trying only to gain sympathy and get help from men.

7. When you want to migrate into a new season, to crossover into the next big thing God has ordained for you, form a band like the locust.

Form a team, cell or group, join your hearts in a collective consciousness of Faith, in one accord, then you’ll experience sudden dramatic occurrence which will produce massive results & a performance of things said in the Scriptures ~ {Proverb 30:27; Psalm 68:6}

~ #SundayWorshipServiceWord @TCN by Pastor Poju Oyemade

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