A BIG LESSON FOR STARTERS – Dr Ikpomnwosa Ogogor

Starters learn this lesson: People don’t usually support a work that’s just beginning.

If you keep being strategic, sacrificial, tenacious, diligent, responsible and faithful on it soon those who were standing and watching will see the results and the future you are creating.

As this future becomes clearer and the results evident, those who were not willing to join you earlier will come on board to join you to build.

However ensure what you are building is in alignment with God’s purpose for your life because it is useless spending your life on something outside of the purpose God created you to fulfil.

Don’t allow the attitude of men discourage you from remaining faithful on your assignment.

When laying the foundation of a building, people don’t see the beauty of it except those who have access to the design drawings.

Soon God will bring you through the foundation stages and then the glory of what God is doing with and through you will begin to show.

Then you won’t have to ask people to come on board what you are building.

They will be attracted to come and your challenge then will be knowing who is genuinely interested in building with you and those who came for selfish and ungodly motives.


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