I very rarely do write ups on relationships, but today my heart is reaching out to our single sisters who carry the grace of God upon their lives and would soon be heading for marriage.My sweet sis, first of all settle it in your mind that the adrenaline that is doing you in your body, and the way your eyes are seeing things regarding that man/brother might not be that He is God’s will for you.Yes, He may be the Brothers’ Cord/ President and you are the Sis Cord….and can feel the fire of God when He prays/ preaches/evangelises does not mean He is that man for you.Sis mii, please tarry in the place of prayer, add fasting to it. Remove every idol of the type of Man you have set as a standard for yourself, and be sincere with God that you don’t want to miss it.
Wawu, you may say. There are people that are not even born again but choose based on their feelings and have great marriages today. Yes, that is 100% correct.But If you are on special assignment, and you feel it that you have the call of God upon your life. Please, tarry in the place of prayers. There is that particular man for you that is graced for the vision(s) you both carry, as you are graced for his.I can assure you that there will be so many Gim-gim brothers ( pls help me translate that) that will be around you. But only God knows that the one whose fire will burn still till the end of time. There are several people that were on fire for God till the University until they entered the market place, and we never hear of them.again.And there are time as sisters especially in this generation that we want everything fast, a Christian man that is matured, handsome..(oh my God), ready to settle, he’s got a good job and everything, may even be living abroad/have travelling plans, is asking for our hands in marriage, and that is that Bros who is still trusting God, or whom God has just called to enter ministry.. Oh you know He has nothing except his FAITH in God, and He is asking for your hands in marriage.You pray, and God is saying that Bros is the will of God for you. You start thinking You are not hearing right. Then you start praying again…then silence from heaven, no dreams, no vision/ word of knowledge. So you start visiting prayer houses with two names.
My dear Sis, let me ask you a question – IS GOD CONFUSED? Please stop confusing yourself.And there are times are times it is that church brother that things looks to be dragging for at the moment, but have spoken to you that You will have that inner peace to wait for…my Sis, if God is asking you to wait. Please waitDo you know that that heaven is waiting for you to make that decision. And God is saying, if my daughter makes a wrong choice.. how does she want to fulfil this glorious assignment we have mapped out for her.So many marriages are conducted with couples dancing, and people eating and merrying but the Heavens are weeping. That if only….she could see farther than today, maybe she would have turned back.But you, oh dear sis, march forward with joy and certainty to that altar of God knowing beyond reasonable doubt that you have God’s choice…and it shall be well with you.God bless you!!!

3 thoughts on “ANOINTED… BUT HEADING FOR THE WRONG HAND!!! ~Olubusola Seyi – Ajayi

  1. Very important message for our unmarried brothers n sisters. Wait n hear clearly before u say yes! Your whole life depends on it. Some of us in marriage never had d privilege to hear n read messages of this nature n our ministry is under severe attacks because we did not hear ‘move’ before we moved. Now, we are doing what we should done before marriage in marriage because of d heat from every corner! It is easier to move out of marriage as a non believer. If u are Jesus baby, u would know that God hates divorce n u wouldn’t want to do what would offend ur father in heaven. Be careful! If u rush in, u may rush out. I am blessed by this message. I will forward it to young spinsters n bachelors that I know. God bless .

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