The Kingdom of God is governed by principles.
Pathway to unending grace is following divine procedures to enjoy continuous favour from God.
Living a lawless life leads to frustration.
It is your active service to God that guarantees His unending grace.

Categories of Kingdom Service:
i. Physical – This involves using your talents and skills to serve God.
ii. Spiritual – Promotion of God’s Kingdom via soul-winning and establishment.
iii. Financial – This involves using your resources to promote God’s Kingdom.

To remain relevant to God and have access to His unending grace; you must serve Him continually.

Some Important Things about Kingdom Service:
1. It is God’s business – Psalm 24:1.

Only God deserves all the glory for everything.

We are all created to give God pleasure – Revelation 4:11.

We are created to live and please God – 1 Corinthians 6:20.

Serving God is a lifetime business.

Service to God is compulsory because He owns us – Luke 1:74-75.

You must give service a business approach to get its dividends – Romans 12:11.


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