(Daniel 6:3) Then Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.

Once again, Happy New Year and welcome to the first Sunday of Year 2020. This is our Year of Pure Fire. There are platforms that quicken Pure Fire. Platform is a surface on which a person or a thing is standing. Pure fire comes as a result of God’s power coming upon you. Power is the essentiality of spiritualism manifesting on Homosapiens. Recognizing where you stand before God is what gives you access to pure fire (see Luke 11:13). If you know where you stand before God, you will take things from Him that others cannot. Stand on these platforms, pure fire is guaranteed.

Platforms that guarantee Pure Fire:
1. Platform of Assignment. Your assignment is the problem that God has designed you to solve. It is what you solve for others that puts you in charge. Your relevance is a function of your assignment. It is either you are dominating something or something is dominating you. Your true value is in your assignment. To be effective and efficient in your assignment is to increase your fire level (see 1 Kings 4:29-34).

2. Platform of Storm: Whenever God wants to increase your fire level, He creates a storm. Do not run away from the storm, face it. Learn from the eagle. While other birds take cover at the storm, the eagle soars in the midst of the storm. It is when the storm is fierce that the eagle showcases its brevity and expertise. Most physical storms have spiritual sources, deal with it spiritually rather than complaining, fight it. Challenges are there to be solved, find the solution.

3. Platform of Excellence: Excellence is the capacity to bring out the best of your ability in any situation. Be a man of excellence and you will be indispensable. Let your excellence agree with your products and your excellence will be evident. If excellent spirit is found in you, you will command pure fire.

4. Platform of Association. Association gives you the opportunity to draw on other people’s strength, ability, connections and relationships. When a hot iron stays long in a cold atmosphere, it will eventually become as cold as the atmosphere. Do not associate with people who are fireless. Association affects productivity. Therefore associate with people carriers of pure fire, and you will contact pure fire.

Today is the first Sunday of the year, I decree and declare that every voice of the devil accusing you be silenced, and every legal access the enemy has into your life be blocked in Jesus name, Amen. This year, you shall excel. You shall be highly favoured both by God and man. I command increase on every side in Jesus name, Amen. Once again, Happy New Year.

Meditation: When a hot iron stays long in a cold atmosphere, it will eventually become cold.

RM: The Essence of Prayer DBR: Genesis 9-10
Prayer: Father, make me fire-full. I shall manifest pure fire throughout this year in Jesus name, Amen

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