Which day was Cancer born? Yet the World gives Cancer A Day to celebrate it as WORLD CANCER DAY. Which Day was Diabetes born to earn it World Diabetic Day? Which Day was GIRL Child born? Which Day was Labour Born to make us celebrate Labour Day Worldwide? Which Day was AIDS born? Which Day…… Continue reading WHY THIS POINTLESS ARGUMENT? -mikebamiloye

Churches, Founders, And The Year they were Founded

The Catholic Church, 1st Century AD, (No human Founder, was founded by Christ). Lutheran Church, founded by Martin Luther, October 31, 1517. The Anglican Communion, founded by King Henry VIII in 1534 AD. Calvinist Churches, founders are: Huldreich Zwingli, John Calvin etc, in 1536AD. The Presbyterian Church, founded by John Knox in 1560AD. The Baptist…… Continue reading Churches, Founders, And The Year they were Founded