My 6 year Old Son’s vision of heaven and Hell (Dated 18th December 2019).

I saw myself in heaven. I saw many gates in heaven and Angels were opening the gates for me. The Angels had wings and were wearing white robes. I was wearing a white robe too. There were gold everywhere. Heaven is so beautiful.
There were many other people that were wearing white robes and they were singing songs that God likes and doing things that please God.
They told God that they want to read the Bible but God told them not to worry and that they should eat fruits that look like apples and bananas in a bowl.

They were taking the fruits and eating it. I also took the fruit and ate it.

God was sitting on a very big Chair like that of the Oba I watch in TV and Jesus was sitting on His right hand. I could not see the face of God because He was shinning but I could see the face of Jesus.

Jesus spoke to me from where he was sitting that I should be praying everyday. Then he came to me and took me to see hell fire.

We didn’t enter into hell fire but I was looking into it. I saw many people who were in hell fire.

Demons were beating them and the fire was burning them and they were crying.

The people I saw in hell fire were more than the people I saw in heaven.

Jesus took me back to heaven and told me to join them to sing.

After we finished singing Jesus was playing with me. He carried me up and brought me down. I requested that he should carry me up again which he did.
As we were still there, I woke up.
I noticed my hand was very hot and heavy. It became normal after some time.

My comments.

No doubt, God wants us to be aware that heaven and hell fire are the two ultimate eternal destination of humanity depending on our choices.

Our choice to repent and put our faith in Jesus death, burial and resurrection thereby providing redemption for us gives us right to a place in God’s kingdom.

Believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved.


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