Your work for Christ is very valuable ~ Ebele UzoPeters

Whenever I read the book of Acts, Acts of the Apostles; and all the wonderful things we see in the early church; I thank God for all those apostles and disciples

But I also thank God for Luke.

Luke was not an apostle, or prophet, evangelist, or appointed to any specific office; he was simply a medical doctor who followed Paul in his travels

But without his work, we might never had known anything about Peter or Paul or Phillip.

It is said that none of the mighty men of faith we call God’s generals had up to half of the workings of God in the life and ministry of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola

But half a century down the line, his very awesome walk with God has not impacted as much people as the individual stories of those who had far less manifestations, because

There was no Luke. No documentation.

We have powerful apostles like James and Bartholomew and Phillip and Andrew; mighty men of God who walked with Jesus and pioneered the church of Jesus Christ; yet there is no book of the Bible to their name (the James who wrote the epistle of James is the son of Mary, and half-brother of Jesus, not the brother of John; one of the 12 disciples)

Yet, here is a medical doctor who was no apostle or prophet or evangelist. Yet we have two powerful books in the new testament to his name: Luke, and Acts; that have blessed hundreds of millions of believers.

This is to all the Lukes out there, supporting your Pauls, your Peters, your pastors

You are extremely valuable to God and to generations unborn. You may have no spectacular calling or high powered revelation. Well, neither did Luke

Peter said “We were with Him on the holy mountain!”
Paul said “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision! Jesus appeared to me”

Luke did not hear any voice from Heaven
No visitation from Jesus Christ or angels
No powerful laying of hands by an apostle
No direct

He simply said “Having had perfect understanding of all things, IT SEEMED GOOD TO ME also” (Luke 1:3); and thereby produced Scripture; for that was the Holy Ghost at work in him. It was not spectacular, but it was supernatural. His name entered into Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; and what is the story of the early church, without Acts of the Apostles.

I celebrate Luke the physician, and all the Lukes in the body of Christ.

Does it ALSO SEEM GOOD TO YOU, to be your pastors PA? Elisha poured water on the hands of Elisha. That was his own CV (2 Kings 3:11)

PA with a faithful heart and all your might

Does it ALSO SEEM GOOD TO YOU, to sweep the church premises, handle the video recording, print out the church publications, arrange the chairs, take care of the children, drive the pastor Mrs. while she goes to visit the saints? Kenneth Copeland was a pilot, not a pastor. He carried Oral Roberts sometimes in his plane.

Drive with a sincere heart.

You may not be the pastor
The preacher
The Bible Study teacher
The prayer man or woman
The deacon or the cell leader

But if you are serving the Lord Christ; your work is very valuable; and truly, I tell you-

You are highly celebrated in Heaven.

One thought on “Your work for Christ is very valuable ~ Ebele UzoPeters

  1. I am greatly encouraged! Oh God, give me d grace to serve u in any capacity I am called to serve. Give me d wisdom to bring innovation that would strengthen ur Church. I am sorry father, forgive me my sins where I have failed u.


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