The top is where the elites, nobles, best of the bests, the crème de la crème of the society are seen; that is where God wants you to be – at the top!!!

Deut. 28:13a – And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath…

But you cannot get there until you discover God’s purpose for your life. Nothing empowers in life like purpose. The greatest tragedy in life is not death; it is to live your life without fulfilling God’s purpose for you.

God has a plan for you before you were created. It is important therefore to find God’s purpose for your life. Purpose is the original intent of God that motivated Him to create you – before God created you, He had already decided in what capacity you will be useful here on earth. Every product is manufactured for a purpose; so your existence is for a purpose – 2Tim. 1:9

And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Gen. 2:15

That is a definite assignment. When you locate your specific assignment, you excel easily. Before you were born, your purpose was already determined and until you operate with this purpose, God’s blessing cannot fully manifest in your life. When you live outside your purpose, you diminish your productivity and usefulness

You cannot get to the top by being jack of all trades; you must discover the specific assignment God has for you here on earth. Many people work but they are not in the centre of God’s pre-determined purposes for their lives!

When Jesus was working in the carpenter-shop, nobody knew him then because that was not His place of assignment. The moment He entered His place of assignment, the story changed.

My friend, let your dream not be to work, accumulate wealth and then retire; that is embarking on a depressing journey to nowhere. Don’t just exist; be a man/woman on his/her assignment. You have a responsibility of discovering God’s purpose for your life.

It is not too late to discover your purpose. Abraham discovered his own at 75years. Before then, he was living in his father’s house – Gen. 12:1-3

Do you want to discover your purpose, then say this prayer:

Lord, that which you have created me to be, help me to discover it. If I have missed it, please redirect me. Show me the area you have created me to excel. Clearly reveal it to me. Open my eyes to see it. If I am already on the right track, Lord, make it clearer to me. Thank you heavenly father in Jesus name, Amen!

You will fulfill your purpose from now on in Jesus name! In case you have taken a wrong step, I see God redirecting you to be on course. As you enter into your place of assignment, I see you making your mark before your time on earth is over. You will not die without fulfilling your purpose. Generations after you will remember you in Jesus name!!

God bless you

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