Testimonies from Shiloh 2019 ~Breaking Limits

1. Marital Settlement after delay.
2. Raised from the dead and Fruit of the womb after 10 years barrenness with 3 IVFs.
3. Two sets of Twins after 16 year barrenness and cancerous womb.
4. Delivered from 20 years of bedwetting, hepatitis and other deliverances.
5. Business Breakthrough
6. Marital Breakthrough
7. Deliverance from impotence of 16 years.

1. Sis Lynda, from Winners Chapel, Kampala, Uganda.

I am here to return all the Glory, to the God of Shiloh for Marital Settlement.
Last year, during the Pre-Shiloh Encounter service night, Papa prophesied, “He said we shall come to that Shiloh with our God ordained spouse, ‘I said Amen” and Lo and Behold within those 3 weeks to that year Shiloh, my husband showed up. I was privileged by the grace of God to be at Shiloh ground in 2018 and when I came, I went to the (specialised) marital class, the Pastor told us to design our wedding invitation, and I did. On the last day, he got angry and he said “we have graduated from that class” and I knew that my wedding had to happen before this year’s Shiloh.
I am here to return all the glory to the God of Shiloh who confirmed it for we were gloriously married on September 28th 2019. I give all the glory to Jesus.

Pastor and Deaconess Wilson O, from Living Faith Church, Benin City, Edo State

In 2007 (December 7th to be precise), we got married and we were trusting God to be fruitful immediately but the devil had another plan. While we were waiting, we had many miscarriages, we had IVFs for more than 3 times, all failed. In 2008, we decided to join this Commission fully, and then in 2011, I was ordained as a part time Pastor, I was sent to plant a church and the church started growing; the devil was angry. On February 5th, the devil struck, a trailer ran us over and left me dead. My wife, (my assistant Pastor was unconscious) and she started hearing voices to pull her clothes but then she heard a voice to go into Praise. When she started praising God, I came back to life, to glory of God. As if that wasn’t enough, the doctors messed up my life and I was grounded for almost a year until God’s servant (our Papa) heard about me and he said through Pastor Abraham Ojeme that I should be taken up. In one of my visits to Canaanland, Papa met us and ministered to us; he said unto me (when my wife said to him, ‘we’ve been trusting God for more than 7 years’), he said “Make Sure You Come Back With Your Testimony.”
To the glory of God, I am here standing on my 2 feet even when the doctors said my legs will be cut off and God gave us Emmanuella precisely on 6th of January last year.

Courtesy: Church Gist

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