WHAT CONVERTS ARE WE MAKING? – Dr Ikponmwosa Oghogho

Jesus never said following Him will be an easy ride, although He made spiritual provision for us to be empowered to follow Him joyfully and faithfully.

He always made it clear that following Him will be at a huge cost.

He spoke of self denial, taking up our cross daily and refusal to love Father, mother, siblings, things of this world and self more than Him.

However the eternal rewards of following Him faithfully cannot be compared with anything in this life.

The kind of gospel message we preach to unbelievers today in many parts of the world usually excludes the decision to lay down everything to follow Christ hence they begin with a weak foundation.

We tell people to accept Jesus Christ so He can give them children, a house, a good job, a good life, healing, financial breakthrough, etc.

While it is true that these things can be accessed as we walk with God, they are not the core of the gospel message.

The gospel message is universal. It should be the same anywhere in the world.

A gospel message you cannot preach in a region where people are being persecuted is not the gospel message.

In a persecution region believers have to live daily with the hope of the eternal life available in Christ Jesus alone not the bounty of material things God richly provides here on earth.

Can you tell persecuted believers in Iran or Turkey (who just lost everything they have worked so hard for to follow Christ) that Jesus wants to make them rich here on earth?

They just gave up that when they accepted Jesus and His freedom from sin.

Our message in most parts of Nigeria and other parts of the world where Christianity has thrived is giving ground for people to focus on self rather than deny it and follow Christ.

If we continue with this trend, we will soon get to the point where we don’t have disciples who are willing to lose ALL to follow Christ.

I pray that God will help us find correction early in Jesus name amen.


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