I continues in this till one morning, the Lord showed me in a dream, that unless I obeyed Him and go urgently to withdraw those scripts from the publishing companies that had offered and prepared to publish them, the devil would use the publish books to rubbish my ministry later in life and He would not be able to do what He wanted to do in my life and ministry. He showed me in the dream it was urgent.

I had just organized a Drama Ministers Conference and had just taught many people how to write gospel drama for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. I had left those scripts with the publishing companies and they could bring the scripts out any time. I had already began my ministry and gone 4 or 5 years into the ministry by them.

I woke up in the morning and told my wife, I needed to travel to those publishers. I went to them and met one of the Publishing Directors who was, incidentally, in charge of that particular script. She was a woman and I told her what I had come to do. I had come to withdraw my script from publishing. I never wanted it to be published again. She tried to persuade me, but I stuck to my request. She said she was also a christian, but there was nothing bad in the script. I stuck to my demand. At last she agreed and said she would table the matter before the management and send the manuscript to me. She presented a document to me and I signed and I left the place. A week later, I got the script back. I was relieved. I then told the Lord, “I hereby submit all my gifts at your feet.” And that was all.

Today, have I not produced more better drama scripts for the Lord? Have I not turned many drama scripts into great movies for the Kingdom of God? I may not be known as literary author today, but I am known as a Drama Minister in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Therefore, every gift is deposited in a person’s life by God for the Expansion of the Kingdom of God, it is not meant to serve your pleasures and neither was it given to you to do whatever you like with it.
“For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country,…”

THE ISSUES OF GIFTS AND TALENTS ARE ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD. It is a Kingdom’s Issue. It is not a joking matter, it has to do with the matter of Eternal Life.. GIFT AND TALENT IS A KINGDOM ISSUE.
“…who called his own servants,…”

EVERYONE POSSESSING ONE TALENT OR THE OTHER HAS BEEN CALLED TO BE SERVANT OF GOD. Everyone with one Spiritual Gift or the Other has automatically been called as Servant of God, called by God to use the Gift and Talent for the Matter of the Kingdom of God. Because the Parable of the Talents is about the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, whatever gift you found out you have been endowed by God (music, drama, acting, singing, dancing, writing, poetry, administration, counseling, teaching, decoration, etc), it was deposited in your earthen vessel for the purpose of the Kingdom of God, by the Master who had travelled and is coming back for reckoning. It is not for pleasing the World or pleasing yourself or serving the purpose of the Devil.


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