Sometime ago we brought to public awareness good news about how a baby selling syndicate was busted by the Nigerian police after which the then commissioner of police requested that the retracted girls who were camped with intentions of selling off their babies after delivery be brought to Omega power ministries. Apostle Chibuzor received the girls with open hands and agreed to accommodate them.

The retracted girls were kept in one of the OPM free estate, taught skills of their choice after which monies was disbursed to them so that they opened up a business. They were looked after, fed a daily three square healthy meal constituting of fruits and nourishing nuts, clothing’s were provided for them and their unborn babies and most importantly they were registered a good hospitals where they underwent ante natal and received adequate care. No wonder the babies came out looking nourished, healthy and beautiful.

Gift Ufomba was one of such girls.

As a norm in Omega Power Ministries members are allowed to dedicate their wedding cards and also thank God for what he has done in their lives.

It got to the turn of Sis Gift who admitted that she was lost in sin and wanted to sell off her baby. She was only 7 months pregnant when she was injected, induced and forced into labour, unfortunately the child died in the process and as God will have it, the police busted the factory the next day, rescuing her and many other girls and handing them over to OPM. She stated that OPM has been a source of blessing to her, her life has been given a meaning and she now earned money decently by working as a minder in one of the OPM free schools .Her life was better and a man found her worthy of marriage.

Daddy was greatly touched and impressed by what he heard that he decided to give her a wedding gift. He announced to the shock of everyone that he was giving her a bungalow that comprised of a boys quarter which can be rented out so that she could generate revenue.

Sis Gift was beside herself with shock at the unexpected gift, the tears couldn’t stop flowing as she thanked the man of God for his benevolence and generosity

Congratulations Sis Gift Ufomba, you are now a proud soon to be house owner and land lady.

All this is fully funded with offerings and tithes.



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