14 important things you must know about the spirit of Absalom ~ Pastor Alph Lukau

The spirit of Absalom is a spirit that operates through a son

You cannot deal with a spirit that operates through a son unless you understand fathers

The enemy knows that if you do not have a father you are naked, lost.

You can be traced from one point to your father because your father is at that point

Your biological father is an indication of where you come from
Your spiritual father is an indication of where you are going

Your victory today has a lot to do with your spiritual father
(1 Corinthians 4:15)
(1 Timothy 2:1)

When you speak of a father you speak of a man parent, determinant or a priest

1. Absalom was a biological son of David
When dealing with the spirit of Absalom don’t look far, he comes from within
He’s one that has sat, eaten with you
The worst type of battle is fighting one that is close to you or invisible to you

2. Absalom is a gifted son
The spirit of Absalom does not come looking ugly
Comes looking handsome and comes looking reliable
(2 Samuel 14:25-26)

When you are dealing with such a packaged weapon, if your spirit is not strong you will fall for it

Absalom can be a man or a woman, young or old and is a packaged weapon in the hand of the devil

Absalom is a spirit that operates against fathers

3. Absalom’s actions are not caused by anything from outside but his heart
Absalom is not caused by an outside force, it is caused by the wickedness in his heart

An Absalom will remain so until a deliverance has happened

4. Absalom is wicked in heart
When somebody’s problem is in the heart, you will not last long next to that person
Keep your heart pure
Your attention cannot dwell on things that do not matter
If you don’t deal with the issues of the heart, you will do things that will cause you to lose everything (2 Samuel 13:28)

Because of his heart Absalom will not let you go
(2 Samuel 13:20-22)

There are times where it is okay to let matters go

5. Absalom is a spirit that steals a person’s heart away from his father
Be wise
Absalom is cunning
2 Samuel 15

Refuse to fall for it
A son does not contradict the word/voice of his father

6. He tries to appear better than his father
When you find somebody that is trying to become better than his father you have come across an Absalom

7. Absalom works on his own profile
Absalom has an agenda to look good
He wants to become bigger and appear better than his father

Never give someone a microphone for a promotion on the Altar
A microphone is for ministry and to push the vision of God
It’s not about you, it is about Jesus

8. Absalom seeks fame and applauds at the expense of his father and vision
Unless you are empty He can’t fill you up

9. The Spirit of Absalom is a deceiver and he lies in the name of the Lord
(2 Samuel 15:7-15)

When Absalom does not want to repent it is difficult

10. Absalom rebels against his father
(2 Samuel 15:10)

Any spirit that stands against his father is dangerous

There are three types of departure from his father
– When a son is grown
– When you become a prodigal son
– An Absalom, he does not want to leave, waits for his father to leave and claims your throne
1 Samuel 15:23

When you see a wizard you see an Absalom

11. The spirit of Absalom is a spirit that leads conspiracy against his father
2 Samuel 15:11

12. Absalom affirms his throne by seeking to disgrace his father
When Absalom’s spirit is moving there will be a lot of dust and insults in the air
You don’t have to insult one other person to look better
(2 Samuel 16:21)
For Absalom to be strong the advice is – go and disgrace your father

13. Absalom is selfish and self -driven
14. Absalom is short sighted
There is no Absalom does not see far. He does not see the big picture

Stop mourning Absalom
Stop mourning those who left you
Rejoice over those that are left with you

David left his throne because of Absalom but God brought him back. God is about to RESTORE you. May you arise stronger than before.
Whoever has been behind building up this machinery to see you fall, the Lord I serve rebukes him. Every spirit of Absalom will catch fire today!

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