Staying Power 2- Dr. @thesamadeyemi

Staying Power 2- Dr. @thesamadeyemi
Galatians 6:9
There are 3 conditions highlighted in the above scripture

1st condition: You must sow seeds.
You cannot discuss a harvest without having sown seeds

2nd Season: Be sensitive and align with seasons.
Not every action is appropriate to every season. There is no one constant season on the planet

3rd condition: Faint not.

Little talent with great perseverance will achieve more than great talent with little perseverance because ultimately, a level of difficulty will knock the talented out

Great anointing with little perseverance will waste the anointing
2 Kings 13:14-19

The generation that has it the easiest has the least staying power. The generation that should be the happiest is the most depressed.

To develop perseverance
1. Ensure you are pursuing God’s goals
2. Control your attitude and your thoughts; attitude is not a gift, it’s a choice, take control of it.


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