Testimony of a brother during 70days fasting and prayer

The general overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, in the person of Dr D.K Olukoya, has shared a testimony sent to him via email by a brother who received the gift of new tongues, during the just concluded 70days fasting and prayer held by his church.

This is what I mean when I explain the concept of experiencing the supernatural power of God. You don’t need a prophet to lay hands on you. A brother sent this to my email and I thought of sharing it with you all.

This year 70Days fasting and Prayer is like none I had witnessed or participated in ( since 2003).
I went into a seed covenant with God on the DAY1 to bless me with gift money cannot buy… Sincerely I wanted a material blessing.
On the DAY8, after praise worship and the prayer of praise. I wanted to take the first prayer point but instead I busted into NEW TONGUE. I couldn’t control myself. It was like a powerful force came over me. I couldnt get the words of the prayer point out but a free flow of a language I couldn’t understand; Different from my regular/known speaking in tongue.
I tried to fight whatever it was that was controlling my tongue so as to gain control of my action but instead I went on my kneels involuntarily…like someone forced me on my kneels with my head bow and kept me like that just speaking and weeping for 15minutes. It was so effortless and so natural. Then, I felt something glorious happened to me and my tongue was loosened and my body released to stand up from my kneeling position. I just praise God for His mercy and grace upon my life.

It is my prayer for you reading this that may you experience the Supernatural touch of Jehovah in Jesus name, Amen.

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