Little foxes in marriage ~ Faith Abiola Oyedepo

Let’s look at little foxes In Marriage.
I had the opportunity to watch a fox a while back. I was quite amazed at its size. It was really small, simply the size of a big cat. And immediately, Song of Solomon 2:15 came to my mind.
Little foxes here, refer to the little things that you may think are too insignificant to merit any attention. But it is amazing to discover that as little as they are, they have spoilt many marriages. Marriage can be likened to a vine having tender grapes. These foxes cause destruction of all sorts in marriages and families, if not checked.
Examples of such foxes are:
1. Bitterness: They start from little things and grow, if unchecked.
2. Pride: Wherever you see pride, know that it’s companion, destruction, is also close by.
3. Wrong Company: The major cause of problems in some homes today is wrong association. Wives or husbands keeping wrong company, receiving counsel from people that stir up trouble perpetually in their homes.
4. Ingratitude.
5. Ignorance.

Please share your experience with any of these foxes and how did you overcome it

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