(Romans 5: 17) For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one, much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.

In continuation of Grace for Impact, I want you to know that Grace gives you access to stand for impact, it is key to reigning in life. Grace means putting God in the race and seeing Him take control. Grace is like the jack of a car, though so small, it lifts the massive car with ease. Without the jack, changing a tire will be an uphill task. Without grace, impact becomes a struggle. Where there is grace, human support gives way to God’s support. Grace makes late starters become front liners. Grace brings the supernatural into the equation of your life. When you lack grace, your life will be in a perpetual lane of struggle.

Grace for impact is the unveiling of those mysteries that demystify the complexities and perplexities of your life. It is that lifeline that energizes your spirit to act in tandem with divine expectation. Grace for impact is that inner conviction that makes you undeterred in the pursuit of set goals. It is God’s response to His son at the darkest and most confused moment of his life. What you call for is what will answer to you which is the difference between those who make impact and those do not.

Grace is God’s ability to handle human inabilities. It is God’s Almightiness invading our human helplessness. Grace is God bringing out the best out of the worse failure of life. Grace is a pathfinder, grace is a commander of respect, it is a provoker of attention. Grace increases your accomplishment and decreases your sweat. Where grace is sufficient life is efficient!

When grace is in action, every mountain is dissolved. Grace guarantees strength. There is a supply of strength whenever grace arrives. Anyone lacking in strength and result is lacking in grace. Grace gives you testimonies that your connections cannot account for. Grace is the container of the backing of God. Grace directs the works and operations of God. It makes you see His ways and understand His acts.

Meditation: Without grace, impact becomes a struggle. Anyone lacking in strength and result is lacking in Grace.

RM: Takeover DBR: 1 Peter 1

Prayer: Oh Lord, grant me sufficient grace to make positive impact in my generation in Jesus name, Amen.

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