Something happened to me in 1976. -Bishop Francis Wale Oke

I had sat for the entrance examination into the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) and I really did well in the papers, I found them quite easy. But then I forgot to write my centre number. And we had been warned that if we miss out our centre number, our papers will not be marked. The results came out and my name was not on the list of those admitted, I was downcast and depressed.
While spending time in prayer one morning at a town called Fiditi, in Oyo State of Nigeria, the Holy Spirit ministered to me from the Scriptures “But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto him” – Psalm 4:3
I got lifted. I knew the Lord graciously prevented my going to Ife for my University education because in His plan for my life, Ife was not the place for me, even though I desperately wanted to go there.
Then came the entrance examination into the University of Lagos (in those days in Nigeria, each University conducted her own entrance exams). The papers were so tough I was sure I was not going to be admitted.
But I was. When the admission letter came, I was very reluctant to go to Lagos.
That city was notorious for crime and ungodliness and I did not want to get involved.
But the Lord spoke to me that He had prevented me from going to Ife, where I so desperately loved, in order for Him to lead me to Lagos. Hence, I went.
And it was while at Unilag (University of Lagos) God prepared me for ministry work and called me into His service.
All the key people whom God used to bring me into His plan and purpose for my ministry at the early stage, I met them in Lagos.
The national and international exposures I had in ministry, all sprouted from Lagos.
That is not to say this could not have taken place in Ife. It did for some other people. But for me, Lagos was the junction of my blessing and favour. If I had gone to Ife, I would have missed God’s plan for my life altogether. Thank God for His favour.

Dear Friend,
Be encouraged,
Do not be downcast,
Do not be depressed,
GOD’s plan is still in motion, HE’s not done with you yet.

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