SERVICE OBJECTIVES: Understanding three critical wisdom areas for successful living


1. Wisdom is very critical for profitable, gainful and successful living (Eccl. 10:10)

2. Wisdom is very critical for outstanding and distinguished living (Eccl. 8:1)

3. Wisdom is very critical for royal and palatial existence (Prov. 8:15)


1. Relationship Wisdom
2. Time-use Wisdom
3. Financial Wisdom

2. Time-use Wisdom (Ps. 90:12; Eph. 5:15-16MSG)

2a. The difference between people namely failures and successful people is in their use of time

2b. Human beings all have an equal allocation of time but we don’t all have a similar application of time

2c. The quality of people is determined by their value for time.
Impactful and successful people value time, unimpactful people and failures have no value for time


1. Time cannot be kept or stored; it is either used, invested or wasted

2. Life is measured with time; hence lifetime is used to describe the period of a person’s life
How you use your time determines the quality of your life

3. Time hurries you from your present into your future without your permission
The future can arrive with nothing achieved until time is maximized

4. Time is designed for exchange not for passage
The passage of time must be exchanged with the desirables of life

5. Time is a fertile ground; what you put into time determines what you get out of life

6. Wisdom is the capacity to number our days and maximize our time (Ps. 90:12)


1. Time must be invested as a matter of priority in the development of a functional relationship with the Creator (Matt. 6:33; Isa. 43:21; Eccl. 12:13-14)
You haven’t done anything well until you have related with God well

2. Time must never be wasted lamenting missed opportunities or past failures; time must never be focused on past disappointments (Phil. 3:13-14)
It amounts to a waste of time to lament what you cannot amend
Until the things that are behind you are forgotten, the things in front of you can never be accessed

3. Time must be invested in the direction of thinking and planning (Eph. 5:15-16MSG)
Wise time users are deep thinkers and strategic planners
When time is invested in thoughts, it guarantees results

4. Time must be invested in the building of the quality relationships of our life (Acts 14:20)
These relationships include; relationship with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends and loved ones, mentor, protégé
Relationship requires workmanship
Those who surround you determine what you can surmount in life
Don’t play with your surroundings, it determines your survival
Your network affects your net worth
Don’t take the people in your life for granted, it can make your life end up grounded

5. Time must be invested and directed into the valuable, gainful and profitable things of life (Eph. 5:15-16)
Time must not be allowed to pass with nothing done to it

6. Time must never be wasted on worry and anxiety; it achieves nothing and produces no result (Matt. 6:27)
Worry takes the failures of the past, combines them with the concerns of today and uses them to
destroy the possibilities of tomorrow (Matt. 6:27; 1Pet. 5:7)

7. Time must be invested in the direction of learning and personal improvement (Rom. 12:1-2)
When you are informed, life gets transformed; Information is doorway to transformation
When you are not informed, life gets deformed and when you fail to be informed, your life gets out-dated.

8. Time must be invested with a sense of urgency (Rom. 12:11)
Procrastination must be avoided at all cost. If you don’t want life to leave you behind, act on time; be in time
Delay brings decay; today is getting late, tomorrow is unimaginable

9. Time must be invested in the Kingdom assignment of soul-winning – laying up treasures in eternity (Matt. 6:19-20)

10. Time must never be wasted in the company of time wasters or with time wasting activities (Prov. 9:6)

11. Time must be invested in diligent labour (Prov. 22:29)

12. Time must be invested in the direction of the welfare of the body (Acts 20:28; 1Tim. 4:8)


1. A healthy body
2. A sound mind
3. A fervent spirit

Father, I come before You today; I thank You for Your Word to me. Teach me Lord to number my days that I may apply my heart to wisdom. Help me to number my days, not to waste my life, to do the needful and profitable. Help me not to waste my life with time wasting agenda, Lord in Jesus’ Name

– Every satanic cycle of destruction and death set for you in the month of November, I declare it broken by the Power of God
– Divine sensitivity and direction that will take you away from disaster is released upon you
– The Lord place His Name upon your life
– Every hidden unbroken curse after your life to ruin you is broken
– Every failure, mistake error or guilt of your life that the enemy may pass through to attack your life, the Blood of Jesus shall atone for you
– In this month you will experience the power of God like never before
– All that this month contains for you will be delivered to you in the Name of Jesus
– We declare the blessing of God upon all that pertains to you
– The Lord bless you, keep, cause His Face to shine upon you
– Every schedule of death arranged for you or your loved one and family members
– Spiritual sensitivity to avoid calamity is released upon you’- the Lord give you deliverance from the activities of wicked men in November
– I decree help, mercy and answers from above
– Every arrow of stroke and paralysis is returned back to hell
– The Love of God in your life can never be in contention.
– Anybody sitting anywhere
– May God overturn systems, institutions and organisation until
– Those who hate you shall watch your elevation
– You wont lose any member of your family this month
– This month the Blood of the Lamb shall atone for you and win the battle for you

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