However, man who is a seed sown by God, has a great responsibility in ensuring that his life is spent producing good fruits in preparation for the great harvest. In order to achieve this purpose, he must take several practical steps in ensuring that his fruits are in conformity with standards of the barn (Heaven), and these include the following:

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The earth is the farmland of God, and every farmer who sows, waits patiently for the day of harvest when he separates the good fruits unto himself and discards the bad ones together with the weeds into the fire. God has sown us as seeds, not only to thrive but also to produce good fruits, and like the farmer who waits patiently for the day of harvest, God awaits for the appointed time, when He would send the reapers to harvest the wheat (Saints) into His barn (Heaven), and the weeds (sinners) into thefire. It is therefore important for you and I to produce good fruits in order to achieve the purpose and agenda of the Farmer (God), which is to harvest us into His barn (Heaven), because His thought towards us, is of good and not evil, to bring us to an expected end(Jeremiah29:11)

However, man who is a…

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