NO PLACE FOR FEAR! -Olumide Fatunsin

He called her DEAR and thereafter threw her Teddy BEAR at her in anger. He didn’t mind her TEARS but the FEAR of losing him made her to apologise quickly.Later, he came NEAR and gave her a PEAR and orange he bought on his way to comfort her. She collected it anyway to avoid another conflict.The following Sunday, he led her to the REAR part of the Church building and gave her a new gown to WEAR for their introduction. She was a bit confused but he looked at her and said, “This is the YEAR I will marry you”She humbly reminded him of his promise to allow her to finish her Masters programme the following year before their wedding.”No way! I can’t change my GEAR of purpose because of you otherwise, I will go for PEARL, the medical doctor. You know she is more beautiful than you.”She held her peace out of fear.***********************************************
Dear Sister, you don’t have to change your plans and God’s purpose for your life because of a guy who threatens to leave you or belittle your value.A true God-sent brother will value and respect your purpose in life and endeavour to help you fulfil it. He will be patient with you and allow God to take absolute control.Never allow fear to rule you. Arise and know what the Lord has promised you.
Focus on your purpose, pursue it, pray and God will lead the right brother to you.It is better to wait for God rather than waste away in a wrong relationship.You are beautiful and wonderfully made by God!#godlydietwitholumide
Olumide Fatunsin

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