While listening to my Pastor preaching in Church today, this line of thought sprang up in my heart.

People are our greatest investments not the buildings/monuments or the inheritance we leave for our Children.

We extend into the future beyond our immediate lifetime through people.

Monuments/buildings and inheritances we leave for our Children will get obsolete but the people we invest in who were able to become what God has destined them to be will carry our memories into the future beyond our earthly lifetime.

We don’t honor people for acquiring property for themselves but for what they gave up as a sacrifice to advance the course of humanity.

The best way to give up our lives into people is to invest it in helping them find the Kingdom of God.

The greatest need of man is not money, fame or position but knowledge of God through Jesus Christ who made atonement for our sins.

If we live our lives investing in people to know God, we are making the greatest investments of all.

We may never own a house, drive a car, be known by many around the world but we extend beyond our earthly lifetime through those people we brought to Christ.

Are you building monuments/buildings or building people up into Christ?


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