A winning attitude is in a person who determines to take possession of whatever belongs to him. Such a person is optimistic in life. For you to win as a child of God, you must despise opposition. You must move ahead by clearing opposition.

Mark 10:48 -And many charged him that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, Thou son of David, have mercy on me.
Every opposition is contending for your position in life. Your crown is hidden in the Goliath before you. Be persistent in life for winning only belongs to the persistent. Refuse to sit as a spectator in the grand stand of life. Opposition is what gives birth to opportunity.

If there was no Goliath, there would not have been any King David. Every time you see resistance, know that something good is ahead of you. Never throw in the towel because something is standing on your path. Never give up on your dream because someone is opposing you.
If there was no Lion, Samson would not have come back to eat the honey. I know that as you despise that challenge before you, God will take you to where you ought to be in the name of Jesus Christ!

For you to get the best from God, you need to have that spirit that does not take no for an answer. You need to move on without fear or trembling and God will show Himself strong. Refuse to be intimidated by people or circumstances. The blind Bartimaeus would have been intimidated but he refused and kept shouting until his miracle was born. Refuse to be intimidated because opposition is the breeding ground for miracles.

Every adversity is for your advancement. Why will you want to throw in the towel because someone told you that you cannot make it? Know that satan will never oppose anyone who has nothing to offer. Once you see opposition, despise it and go forward.

On your way to destiny, you will meet all manner of scoffers but despise them and move forward. The scoffers can come in any form; even as relatives or colleagues but don’t allow them to distract you.

Bartimeaus kept crying from the moment Jesus entered Jericho until He was leaving Jericho. Therefore, you don’t stop until you hit your target. As you do so, I see you get to the top in the name of Jesus Christ!
God bless you.

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