By God’s grace, I was privileged to be the Guest Speaker in the just concluded Women in Ministry Conference 2019. Really, God visited and blessed us. Glory be to God!

Whenever Children of God especially, Women of God with SINCERE hearts and expectations gather to feast with Jesus Christ, great and marvellous things happen. This conference proved that God will always glorify Himself wherever His name is exalted.

Wonderful women of God from 10 different nations gathered together at the feet of Jesus Christ to be impacted and SENT to the field to fulfill His mandate and win the lost. There were genuine distractions but they set their faces like flint to be at the conference.

One thing stood out, UNITY in their worship, interaction, service and in everything that depicts a quality gathering of Ministers of God. Jesus always makes the difference!

They have been SENT forth and I pray the Lord will use them mightily in Jesus name. God did wonders and there were and will still be more testimonies. Hallelujah!

I bless God for my dear wife for this privilege given to her by the Lord Jesus and for using her ALL to really prepare for this conference and to follow every instruction given by the Lord. Many sleepless nights working tirelessly and coordinating other people working behind the scene.

God in His mercy honored our prayer and fasting including the prayers of other intercessors across the globe.
Hmmn, may the Lord continue to empower you and increase His anointing in your life in Jesus name. I love you my dear.

Dear Women of God, focus on the assignments God has apportioned for you. There should be no competition. Feed the people you have been sent to and the Lord will reward you abundantly.

Faithfulness is only required in whatever assignment the Lord has given to you. Rely on the grace of God and keep following Him in truth and righteousness. Don’t allow anyone to despise you. YOU ARE UNIQUE AND EQUALLY SENT TO PREACH THE GOSPEL

To the participants in the just concluded Women in Ministry Conference 2019, God bless you richly in all things. Go in His strength and excel in Jesus name.

Truly, sincere Women of God are wonderful.

Dear Men of God, where are you?

Remember Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection and the Women have been intense in seeking Jesus with their various programs.
God bless them.


Olumide Fatunsin

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