Let’s talk about commitment as the backbone to a successful family life ~ Faith Abiola Oyedepo

Let’s talk about commitment as the backbone to a successful family life.
Commitment according to Oxford dictionary means ‘an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action’. Commitment in marriage can be likened to what the spinal cord is to the body. Without it, the body will be limp and paralysed.
Commitment is of two levels which is to God and to your spouse. Commitment to God should precede commitment to your spouse. A husband or wife who is committed to God will, without difficulty, be committed to his or her spouse. Without commitment to your spouse, no amount of prayer, fasting and ‘sleeping’ in church can prevent your home from falling apart; that won’t be your portion, in Jesus name!
For example, a woman must be so committed to her husband that no amount of money any other man offers her, to have illicit sex with her, will be strong enough to make her give it a second thought. So also, a man must be so committed to his wife that if his wife and mother were both in a state of emergency and needed rescue, he will naturally rescue his wife first.
Single ladies, before you get into a marriage relationship with any man, ensure that you can submit to him without duress. If you find it difficult to submit to him during courtship, then don’t marry him! This is because you will not submit to him in marriage and that is signing up for trouble.
Commitment between husband and wife compels love and triggers submission.
Make the decision today to be committed and to stay committed!

Courtesy: Faith Abiola Oyedepo Facebook page

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