A sincere believer hates sin passionately; but loves the sinner fervently ~ Ebele Uzorpeters

A sincere believer hates sin passionately; but loves the sinner fervently.

He abhors all sin, even the ones he finds in his own life. He rests on the grace of God but never uses it as an excuse to stay in sin. That, he can never do.

With his face toward Heaven; he refuses to merely lean on that grace; he bears his full weight on it, resting completely in it, in order to be cleansed from all unrighteousness; whether known or unknown.

His repentance is a heartfelt acknowledgment of partial leaning and partial self-will. His repentance is confessing all evil; turning back to the full embrace of Light and staying in His bosom there: Carried. Delivered. Transformed. Cleansed. Loved.

He places His weaknesses on Christ that Christ may place His Strength on him. And what are his weaknesses? Impatience? Talkativeness? Masturbation? Oversleeping?

Ah Yes…but not only that. His height and handsome face. His job and fat bank account. His degrees and accomplishments. His hobbies and family name. All those things are his weaknesses.

He counts them as loss that He may gain Christ and be found in Him not having any accolades of his own but the Accolade which is by faith alone.

When such a man steps out walking in holiness; he knows it is because Christ is bearing his very weight and every step. He knows that this is GRACE, not works. In spite of his passionate activity in all pleasing and fruitfulness; it is God working in him both to will and do of His good pleasure.

Such a fellow forever abhors sin in all its forms: pride, worldliness, lewdness, looseness; homosexuality

But he will, if need be, die for the proud homosexual; and give up his life for their salvation.

And this is why the symbol of the Christian faith is not Mansions or Lightning or Eagles or Riches or Fire

It is a Cross.

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