I studied Medicine. I am certified and licensed Medical Doctor (by His Mercies). I am familiar with the Military terrain because I am surrounded by Military people and I have a lot of understanding there. Now, Medical Practice is one of the most demanding things that anybody can do with his life. The Military is another thing. For the demands of this work (ministry work, compared to Practicing Medicine and being in the Military), I have had to task myself more. Far more. For example, Last week Wednesday we were here for Midweek Service. Thursday we were in Enugu for Crusade. Friday Morning we were in Enugu. Friday afternoon we came back, and then Friday night we had worship and wonders night till morning (Free Indeed Part 1). Three services on Sunday. Monday, we flew to Ibadan for a convention.
Tuesday we were here for Healing and Deliverance Service, Wednesday Midweek Service, Thursday we were on our way to Makurdi but we couldn’t get there, then Friday morning we were in Makurdi and returned early afternoon on Friday. We had a vigil from Night to morning and I preached, On Saturday, I had to prepare for Sunday Service, do some work, and we are here for three services, and the schedule continues on and on.And you don’t come to the pulpit carelessly or try to look for a previous note to come and preach a message. You sit down and prepare like you want to write an exam. There are times that for one message, you have gone through 200 scripture passages to arrive at a 30 minutes message. Now, somebody will see me and say “that man is very lucky o! See how everything is just looking fine. See this big church! Kai God is partial self. He used to favour some people more than others.“I want you to try the luck for one week. Enjoy that luck for one week. I have only told you two weeks schedule. Not one month. Not one year. Seeds of Destiny (Daily Devotional) is being written, Songs of worship are being received(and sung every Sunday). Others are being recorded. Books are being written. Pastors Conference is holding. Church is being administered. You don’t know what you want until you have known what to do to get it done . AndI speak to someone today- The Grace to give it everything it takes to arrive at where you are going is released upon you. KNOW YOUR PRICE AND GO TO WORK. GIVE IT ALL!Dr. Paul Enenche.

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