Faith is the currency that is recognized in the spiritual ~ Bro Joshua Iginla

Faith is the currency that is recognized in the spiritual. With faith you can get all you desire in life.

When you have faith you can’t fade away. There is a level of faith you get to, you can’t be scared of anything.

The devil is fighting the faith of the believers. That’s why we have a lot of discouragement, doubt and fear in the christendom.

The battle of faith is usually among people on the altar. Faith is our spiritual currency for transaction in the realm of the spirit. What makes you relevant is your faith.

Type of faith

Your abnormality and normality all live in your mentality if you can control your mind, you will excel. Faith works with your mentality.

•ABC of faith
A= Asking
B= Believing
C= Confessing

You’re a product of your faith and confession. Faith you have will determine the kind of exploit you’ll make. Faith is a receipt that guarantee you what Jesus brought for you.

There are instrument the devil use to fight your faith

•Discouragement and delay:

The devil will make sure that you that is coming to church always will not have answer to it, that’s a battle to your faith.

The delay you having now is your battle of your faith, if you don’t fight it now, you will remain where you are.

Fight it out don’t blame your pastor for everything that happens.

Don’t envy a man on the stage, ask him what he has done to get to the stage.

•Attack your hero of faith

The attack on your man of God is to puncture your faith

The reason the devil is attack great man of God is to destroy your faith.

The devil will rise people to discredit your man of God so that it can bring down your faith.

I prophesy to you, receive the kind of faith that will give you answer to your prayer.

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