BE STILL (3) – Awe Hilary

In the previous post, BE STILL (2), we looked at one of the benefits of being STILL, which provides an atmosphere for the application of Godly wisdom. When a person applies Godly wisdom in any given situation, victory is guaranteed, because the wisdom which surpasses all understanding is at work, which is the wisdom of God.

However, in this concluding post on the subject matter (BE STILL), we will also be looking at another benefit of this spiritual principle which is indeed a test on the faith of a believer.


3. Being still is a measure of our faith in God for the provision of all our needs and expectations.

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him” ~ PSALMS 62:5 (KJV).

When you are STILL, irrespective of any given situation, it creates an atmosphere where you are in communication with God, casting your burdens on Him, trusting His judgements to direct you, and His power to deliver your expectations to you.

Moreover, When we refuse to be troubled or perturbed by any situation, but rather look up to God for help,solution or direction, it is a true test of our Faith in God .

In the book of Psalms 62:5, King David cried unto the Lord, while waiting patiently for his expectations to be delivered to him. This scripture points out two salient points which are foundations of faith or faith enhancers, and they are –

A. Admitting that God is the only provider of the provision.

B. Waiting on the Lord for our provisions and expectations.

As believers, we should not get to a point where we replace God with ”quick result scam” that leads to destruction, or become too impatient to listen to God, or wait for His response concerning a situation.

Faith is not in words but in actions, hence if we act out our faith in God, by trusting Him to provide us with all we require, then we should learn to be STILL and know that we serve a living God, in whom all things are possible.

God bless you.

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