What prophetic is & is not – Alph Lukau

What the Prophetic is not
1. The prophetic is not unbiblical
When you hear a prophecy you must know that this is the word of God

2. The prophetic is not a scam of the church
The Bible itself is a prophetic book
Do not mess up with the Prophetic
Our God is not just powerful, He is Almighty!
The prophetic is not magic

3. The prophetic is not a denomination
The prophetic is a movement

What the Prophetic is
1. The prophetic ministry is the perfect will of God
You are not in the permissive will of God, you are in the perfect will of God when you are in the prophetic

2. The prophetic is an expectation of God from you
The Lord expects you to prophesy (Joel 2:28-29)

We are prophesying because we are Biblical
Everywhere you go, you must prophesy

3. The prophetic is one of the greatest promises God has for the church
You have to be tuned to the Lord’s perfect will

For you to prophesy
1. You must be in God

2. You must be connected to God
Unless there is a connection, the spiritual network is not working
You can’t catch the signal
You must die to yourself
The Glory is not for you, it is for God
The more you pray the more closer you are to God

3. You have to be consecrated
You must separate yourself
Set yourself apart You are not everywhere

4. You must be able to speak in honesty and purity
You must be pure

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