*Bishop David Oyedepo charges as Winners’ Chapel Fixes Roads.
*Exhorts during Covenant Hour of Prayer (CHOP)

Every child of God is a child of destiny. God’s plan for your life is already laid out, very few locate those plans. Some find it but they don’t embrace it: that’s not what they want to do. Others find out by grace, they stay in there and God begins to manifest Himself in all areas of their lives.

God said to Abraham, “I have a plan for you, but it cannot be delivered here; You depart from here and get to the PLACE that I’ve ordained for you and there I will make of thee a great nation. I will bless thee and thou shalt be a blessing. I will bless them that bless thee; and curse him that curseth thee” (Gen 12:1-3). So, there is a Place called ‘there’, where God’s plans and purpose for your life shall be fully delivered. All you need to do is to identify that place and get there.
If you are Abraham’s seed then you must do the works of Abraham. (John 8:39). Abraham was always at the centre of the plan of God and God’s plan and purpose for his life began to come true.

Don’t let any devil push you out of your place. It is very costly to be classified a displaced man.
No, no; don’t watch for that. Sir, if we never got here (Canaanland Ota), we’ll never have any more expression. God is no respecter of persons. You miss it, you miss it; somebody else takes it.

* You won’t miss your place in destiny!! You will not miss your place in destiny!!!

So don’t let (no) traffic scare you. Don’t let (no) bad roads scare you.

I mean, you have your house somewhere and the road is bad; the road is good because your house is there. Amen. Do you now branch and stay in the hotel? Your children and wife are waiting for you at home. They say why? You say ” too many pot-holes, I’m not coming home.” No,no, that is a “Pot life”. You’re your way, (I mean, you’re smiling), because I drive sometimes in those traffic and I see those fellows smiling: they’ve been driving for the past 4 hours from their offices, they are not in their houses but they are racing to their houses; they are racing. He says “please move now”. He is not tensed, you know why? Because he is going to his house.

Nobody’s home is far. Amen. Many of you, your villages are not on the map, except the new edition map that might come out next year. That is, there is no way GPS can locate it but you’ll say “I’m going home”, when it’s Christmas – “I’m going home, I’m spending Christmas at home.” You say: “Where is the home?” Emm, Benue state. No, that’s not his town, because if he mentions the name of the town, you won’t know it. But that is where that Great Star is rising. Give the Lord a big hand of praise. Amen.
God’s plan has always suited me. I have never had an option to God’s plan in my life. If I did, I won’t be here. If I did, we won’t be here and we would have lost relevance, there is nothing special about anybody in God’s sight. He operates by His word. You won’t lose relevance in life.
Those 249 souls would have been lost to all these traffic. Traffic will go, just keep going. You don’t park because there is traffic: you will never get home; you keep going, you’ll get there. But let me tell you this: You’ll never have fulfillment outside of His place for you. When Abraham left his place, he lost his dignity, he lost his honour; he quickly recovered himself and returned. Then his honour and dignity was sustained till the end of life; and still having expression, generations after he has left because he chose to be where God wants him to be.

Don’t let any devil displace you out of your God ordained place. Get excited. Not that “you see, I am going again.” You’re going with delight. Hallelujah.
I sent some things out to members yesterday on The Word in Season for Winners at Faith Tabernacle. Don’t let no devil disturb your life. You’re going somewhere, he is scared of where you are going, he wants to stop you but he will not succeed.
Lift up those two hands and speak to the day. It’s your day, you’re winning the war today. Anyone you call, will answer; anyone you minister to will respond in the name of Jesus. Speak to the day: you must open up. Soul winning is no play-fare, it’s warfare. Be blessed in the name of Jesus.
Speak a word to the fliers that everyone holding it now and everyone that will still get it today and tomorrow must respond. Every door closed against everyone of them must open up. Everyone held in prison must experience liberty. Everybody pray: Holy Ghost, breathe upon these fliers; breathe upon the tracts that we’re circulating and distributing. Let it be that everyone that receives this, will see (next) Sunday as their Sunday of rescue. So let it be. Give God thanks everybody. Give God thanks and do that in words (in clear words), do that trusting Him to make this weekend your most fruitful weekend in your pursuit after souls; in your befriending a neighbour in need and bringing him to Christ.

Bishop David Oyedepo

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