Take a look at this inspiring story. Goodwill message for #DavidIbiyeomieAt57 from David Bright

Take a look at this inspiring story.

Goodwill message for #DavidIbiyeomieAt57 from one of our beneficiaries.

I appreciate God for bringing me in contact with my spiritual father, Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

I was an orphan in the city of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State with no hope of ever going to the university, because nobody in my family had ever gone to the university. My only hope was in Jesus and I will trek miles to church, eat free food in church and join the free bus back home. My miracle started when Pastor David Ibiyeomie was invited to be a guest speaker in our church’s annual convention. He ministered the first night on 27th June, 2012 and he spoke on the topic “Possibility Mentality For Extraordinary Exploits.”
Sitting under his ministration stretched my mental capacity and one of the things he said was, “It’s your mental picture that determines your actual future”. I decided to stretch my faith and imagined Pastor Ibiyeomie calling me out from the auditorium, I didn’t know how it will happen but I believed it would happen.
Then just like I thought, after the second day’s morning ministration, Pastor Ibiyeomie called out orphans.
Miraculously I was the only orphan in that service and that was how I got the scholarship from Papa.
Today, I’m a final student of covenant University.

The fact is, both time and space will fail me to enumerate all the lessons God used his life and ministry to teach me. He
remains the most important human figure in my life for which I am eternally grateful to God. I would not have been
where I am today without God ordering my steps in his direction.I celebrate with our father and mentor, Pastor David Ibiyeomie
on his 57th birthday celebration. Greater works than this is your portion and 120 years is your reality in Christ.
Keeping Soaring, Keep Winning and Keep Breaking new grounds.

God bless you richly!
David Bright

#DIFimpact #DIFproject


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