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Did you know that when you speak the unknown tongues or the tongues of Angels in personal prayers (when you are praying alone or when everyone is praying at the same time after a prayer point has been raised) you don’t need interpretation?

Interpretation may become necessary if the Holy Spirit wants to let you know what exactly you were praying about.
Interpretation has to be received in this case by another gift of the Spirit called ‘the gift of interpretation of tongues’.

Did you know that you don’t need interpretation when the gift of divers kinds of tongues is operating as it happened in Acts 2 because the person you are speaking to hears and understand what you are saying in his own earthly language which he understands but you who is speaking it do not understand the language naturally.

In this case Interpretation may be done by someone who understands the earthly language you were inspired to speak or in a few cases by the gift of interpretation of tongues.

Get more details on this this weekend at our Discipleship training prayer meetings.

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