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The 12 disciples of Jesus were in a boat with Him and there was a terrible storm beating against the boat. It looked like it would capsize any moment.

Jesus, the calmer of storms, the Lord of life, the real breaker of chains and slayer of dragons; was there.


There are several of us believers who have experienced more conflict in marriage than in all the years of singleness.

You married with great happiness and joy. You had exciting plans. You invited Jesus into your home. You know He is the Lord of you both. You are both God’s children, but concerning your home; you are not happy.

Things have happened with jobs, finances, children, mistakes, in-laws, behaviours you didn’t see before, sexual problems. Things have been said. Kai! There has been so much fight and strife that you often wonder how to get out of this prison of a marriage.

Those 12 disciples finally had enough presence of mind to wake Jesus up, and in a moment;

The storm ended.

The common deception is to make you think your spouse is your problem; or your enemy. He, or she, is not. The devil is fighting you both. He may be using your spouse, but the moment you see that it is not them, but the devil -you will stop trying to fight them or change them; and go wake Jesus up

Not that He is sleeping or anything; but you two have placed Him in the guest room like a visitor; instead of making Him the Lord of the house.

You started making that mistake from your wedding day when you didn’t know He should be the master of ceremonies. You partied like He was not there with you. He was….”sleeping”. Now the wine has run out.

Yes, for some, it’s not strife or fight. It’s just that the excitement is gone. Even the passion for each other is one-sided or struggling to stay. The wine that made you drunk for each other is finished. You are seeing other ladies as more beautiful than your wife; and it’s only 2 years of marriage!

You know you are a Christian and Jesus is your personal Person. What you don’t know is that you have kept Him in one corner of your marriage

But things are about to change for you…if only you can just believe. Others have gone further than where you are with your husband or your wife; but when they went to the original master of ceremonies; He brought forth the BEST wine.

And if you will just do what the Master says for you to do; you will see horrible storms go quiet, and that the best of your marriage is still ahead of you.

Let me say no further…HERE IS THE INVITATION

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